Aw, just take a number...
RT @FrankfurtGigs: Verpasse nicht @rachaelyamagata bei Brotfabrik am 28 September! http://t.co/Q7ELVCyB16 http://t.co/ArRJTf174q
RT @LiveRockDenver: Tix are slipping away! @rachaelyamagata @ Denver on Oct 19. Hurry up! http://t.co/ZfyLQuK98g http://t.co/oWYYlk0YMM
Became an auntie 4 times over this morning. Congratulations to my amazing brother and sister in law - they make magical people. Xoxooxox
RT @Rock_Birmingham: Only 2 weeks left! @rachaelyamagata @ Birmingham on Sep 18. Grab the tix! 👉 http://t.co/Xrx7uNJRxe http://t.co/eSxscq6HiN