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Rockwood Show #3 and #4 and Out…
    posted 2012-10-01

Rockwood Show #2
    posted 2012-09-12

Rockwood NYC Show #1 of Residency
    posted 2012-09-06

    posted 2012-08-06

New Tour Dates In Canada, US & Asia
    posted 2012-01-18

On the move we be!!
    posted 2011-08-19
Became an auntie 4 times over this morning. Congratulations to my amazing brother and sister in law - they make magical people. Xoxooxox
RT @Rock_Birmingham: Only 2 weeks left! @rachaelyamagata @ Birmingham on Sep 18. Grab the tix! 👉 http://t.co/Xrx7uNJRxe http://t.co/eSxscq6HiN
Workin hard on acoustic happenstance, covers, record mixes, tour special release cd, pledge and 2 upcoming tours...and I need a shower ;)
RT @WOW247edinburgh: 20 exciting gigs to see in Edinburgh this September - we might finally see @foofighters live! http://t.co/3BaSKRSO4s http://t.co/toMjAHCncf
RT @IHEG: Waits meets Robert Flack+Nick Cave hangin w Wainwright=@rachaelyamagata's new album:http://t.co/PvVDEAl3fy Tix 11/15:http://t.co/Dof7DZ8zVw