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Rockwood Show #3 and #4 and Out…
    posted 2012-10-01

Rockwood Show #2
    posted 2012-09-12

Rockwood NYC Show #1 of Residency
    posted 2012-09-06

    posted 2012-08-06

New Tour Dates In Canada, US & Asia
    posted 2012-01-18

On the move we be!!
    posted 2011-08-19
May 24, 2016 Rachael Yamagata at Olympic Park's Woori Finance Art Hall... https://t.co/XLKmsPMvXZ
Me: How do you know if you started a fire? Him: Do you see flames? Me: Yes. Him: Then you started a fire. #cookingbyrachael
Some days you just need a potato.
Hearing a loon makes me think of 'on golden pond' makes me think of my pond that is a swamp makes me think of green and now I want a salad.
I love that some days working in music means I can be dressed in a bathrobe and snow hat if I so desire. Not that I am. Ok, I am.