Cheese in wineglass. Wine on walls. Balloon monster centerpiece. Awesome bday party for @phanlon23 - priceless!
@PhizLair @madidiaz PHAIRDIAGATA and the Mad Yams...
Or in the woods. Right on @PhizLair XoXo @casericey @yamahaentertain http://t.co/dvupGQvFOh
Meatballs in the crockpot yo. #reallife #failedsonglyric
RT @mitacarriman: #morningjava: Steve Job's 13 most inspiring quotes: http://t.co/Yj1xGudX2x
So I sing 'feed the birds' when I'm feeding the birds. So what. Feeeeeed the birrrrrrdddss. Feeeeeed theeee...and they're like tweet tweet..
RT @lou_isthewolf: #sisters @rachaelyamagata @stillfeelinblue http://t.co/y9kT2Dm5Yq
RT @doveandwolf: we're leaving woodstock with our new record! we love you @rachaelyamagata #aperfectweek #thedoveandthewolf #woodstock #new…
Chocolate bunny...
@doveandwolf singing me to sleep... Seriously, y'all should be so lucky.
“@mikaelaarr: Even after all this time @rachaelyamagata's Happenstance is still my favorite album.. it's pure magic.” xoxoxoox
@CurtisHendricks on my deck looking at NY woods reading this... Xoxoxo
“@enderrr_g: @rachaelyamagata Not bad, huh? love this song! xx (: http://t.co/SZJuRKkiAL awesome!! Xox
It wouldn't be recording unless you almost burn the house down once a day... #bacon #candleonheater #ishouldcomewithawarningmanual
Heart going out to south korea tonight... sending love.......terrible ferry tragedy....
Dove and wolf tearin it up in studio for past few days. Beautiful sounds. Losing track of time and playing w vintage keys of late....
And....it's snowing.
@koreanDeleviner thanks doll! Next time definitely. Xoxo
@BearpitSocial xoxoxooxxo!!!!!
First day in studio working on the dove and the wolf's new release. So excited! They are angelic.
RT @lindiwesuttle: Played guitar warmin voice 2 #WoreMeDown @rachaelyamagata. @AaronComess says '@Jontone & I played on the album' CRAY! ht…
“@House5: @rachaelyamagata Photo please of you in it(; http://t.co/xfF5p4cP08haahaha! I want this.
'today I bought a pink onesie'... Quotes I overhear that make me smile...
“@AdrianEmbarrass: I thought for a moment @rachaelyamagata followed me...disappointed now. I love that bitch, she's rade.” LOVE U Biatch!xo
@BitchyGayGuy xoxoxxox kiss to u!!
“@rightclick5ave: oops, I broke my Twitter promise to @rachaelyamagata...... http://t.co/SJX64UnSRH wow!!! Crazy girl xoxoxox
“@mik_d: @rachaelyamagata when the pain arrives it's less fun...” figured... Waiting for it. Typing w one hannnddd...
Tetanus shots are less scary as an adult - almost kind of cute. Almost.
After tried and true attempts at being pack leader for a particular cat I realize it is not to be...
There's a scratch on my phone screen in the shape of a heart (with a line thru it, but still....)
Just bought my copy of @KatieHerzig new album WALK THROUGH WALLS. Can't wait to listen!! Congrats lady. #greatmusic #awesomegalartist #getit
@ruthfulgrace love u back sweet girlfriend! Xox
Travel day. That girl u see in the airport and think, wow - hasn't she heard of sunscreen tomato face? That would be me.
“@savannahtopie: AAAAAAAHHHH @rachaelyamagata's Quiet on HIMYM!!! One of my favorite songs...” xoxoxo
lobster tan.
Just detangled a goat. #anguillailoveu
My phone is so old it won't let me tweet pics or get onto fb in a timely manner. Losing a lot of cat and woods moments. The heartache ;)
@DanieliaCotton gettin ur tweet on. ;) xoxo
Monday back so soon? Step by step. Take it on! Xoxox
Hey guys - my sweet cuz found a pup that needs help. Please support if u can (see previous tweet). Heart melt indeed. Xoxox
Pup's New Legs, and a Life to Use Them | Pet Expenses - http://t.co/ZHN7o8y2yb: http://t.co/xf36dngMaz
RT @duglewis: It's probably not normal how much I want @rachaelyamagata to write a break-up song about me.
@sheylaibarra lovin u back! Xoxox
2 cat cousins visiting and I find myself saying to all 'make it work' ala Tim gunn.
Rocky marathon only rivaled by jaws marathon...
@savannahtopie xoxoxoxo
RT @derhay: Yay! New music for me from @rachaelyamagata on @noisetrade. From: http://t.co/fUDblTv1BK . Now say, "Yamagata Thursday!" five t…
Sang on daniela cotton's new record last night produced by @kevinsalem. It is epic.
Great to run into u Deborah!! Small world. Xo
“@MeredthSalenger: I was so http://t.co/ZhEEVCpB9K hauntingly stunning. Still are chica. Xox
My right brain is fighting w my left brain.
Having girl night. They're cooking. I'm providing cheese. Thank goodness for gal pals.
@coreyschreppel xoxoxoox
RT @coreyschreppel: Every now & again, @rachaelyamagata's "Happenstance" record grabs my attention & I have to listen to all of it before I…
Beautiful set by @AdrienReju last night at bearsville in woodstock, ny. Check out her may residency! She's a sweet bird that girl.
Bought more plants to kill.
Ah, the gentle morning scene of WHat THe!... SNOW????
It's Friday night and I've just cleaned the *?!%# outta my place. Cheers to all stayin in and makin things cozy.
RT @MrSilverScott: I LOVE this pic RT @EarthPix: Reaction of a baby gorilla and a human baby to the cold stethoscope. http://t.co/Pgc7HN7i9i
@MauiTimeMachine it's the word 'sophisticated' that's throwing me off.. Hardy har har. Miss u guys. Xooxoxxo
“@joshruben: @rachaelyamagata ohh yea my sisters on twitter....... 😳” hehheheh
@joshruben u r insane. And I love u.
“@MotsDeAmour: @rachaelyamagata your freaking music man !! #lovelovelove 👌😍❤️” heheh. Xoxoxo
Jet lag and morning power outage is like a snow day canceling ur big test.
“@KatieHerzig: Our US tour starts in 2 weeks! Got yer tix yet?! http://t.co/62Z3Lz67Gl. SEE HER. SHE IS RAD!!!
@AbsintheVegas 1500!!!! Amazing. Love to u guys!!! Xoxooxox
Working on a cover song today. Surprisingly fuuntastic. #makinghappysongsdark
“@maiderings: Listening to the gorgeous music of @rachaelyamagata while getting ready to start my day in Paris...#bdayjoy #springbreak”xoxox
Happy to report no squirrels were trapped, harmed, or even seen during their eviction from my floorboards. Smart buggers. Leaving u snacks...
RT @TheEllenShow: I just got to meet the wonderful @JoshRadnor. This article he wrote for the LATimes is just the best. http://t.co/VirdBiS
“@oneNonlyJOO: @rachaelyamagata hi ray :) this is jooyoung from seoul. take care and hope to see you again xoxo” me too!!! Xoxox
@Sh_summer777 xoxoxooxxoxox kisses from woodstock!
Home. Xoxoxoxox
My heart is so full of LOVE for Seoul!! Thank you for making every minute a wonderful experience. I will miss u all and see u soon!! Xoxoxox
Another fun night in Seoul! Komsamida 2 all who came to our yonsei sellout! Up now for the 'Innerview' taping. 1 more day. Gonna miss all! X
There's a day here (today) called 'white day' - valentine's day part 2. Forever hosting couples night. That's me.
Oh jet lag... Up since 3 am again... Watching lots of Korean home shopping networks. Really want this curling iron...
Sending love to Austin.....
@seoultola miss u SONG!!! Xoxoxox
Had so much fun last night in hongdae. Thank u everyone for being there!! Jet lag has set in today, but last night was so very worth it!!xox
RT @EmiMeyer: Rachaels and Emis everywhere! @rachaelyamagata #Seoul http://t.co/dNPMalcmJ0
“@CarasPyntadasyou're: lyrics and song of my love story, thank you for conveying truths ...gretting and love from Chile ...” lovin u back xox
Last chance 2 grab tix for our Korean shows! Tix ONLY available 4 2night in HONGDAE. Yonsei Fri and Sat now soldout http://t.co/8An8REeeSJ
Itaewon now. So loving all of Seoul! Xooxoxo
“@sosomoongoo: @rachaelyamagata thank you :) we are Jihyun, Jimin. Have a good time in korea.” so nice to meet u!! Love the notebooks! Xoxo
made it to Seoul! Early night in HongDae yesterday and day off today. beating jet lag so far. knocking on wood now...
Travel day!! Coming to you Seoul! Xoxox
Fun times in lala last night w old friends. A few more rehearsal sets today and then off to Korea in the morning!!
Did my first ' l.a. Hike' as a rehearsal break. I would like to reclassify it as a climb. CLIMBED a mountain. As a break. As a breeaaak...
Hour 3 of dc layover. I wish this place had a tarot card reader or something..
@Joshuamegil aw shizzle dude. Hope u like it!! Thanks for checkin it out xox
The only way to fly to la from ny is definitely to fly to dc first, wait 4 hrs and then go to la. Can't wait. Day o' airport.
“@IamLijie: @rachaelyamagata nothing like a little Rocky to get us pumped for tax season!! :D”right! 5 Rockys later and quick books is done!
People. There is a ROCKY marathon on.. rocky 2 now. Perfect backdrop to quick books tax entries.
Packing today. First stop lala land and then onto Korea by sun!
Some cool music being played up here in the woods! New band showcase and live ep! The Yum Dee Days #colonycafe. #welcomebrooklynites.
She... Had a place in his life... But she dabadu dabadabadu anybody else would surely know da ba ba da da... What a fool beliiiieeeevvesss
RT @joshruben: WHAT!!!? WHAT THE F IS THIS SH*T?! THIS IS F'ING GROSS DUDE UNREAL http://t.co/ZlEk6tkOVg
“@Rhaptile: 간다 야마가타 공연. waiting for @rachaelyamagata's gig is so harddddddd” leaving next Sunday for Seoul!! Be there soon. Xoxox
Friday night date night. Did yoga wrong. That's bout it yo. Xoxo
RT @NoiseTrade: TGIF. This week's Friday Four features @jennyandtyler, @rachaelyamagata, @thedirtyclergy, & @AntiRecords http://t.co/bGQgwS
RT @babb1er: @rachaelyamagata Why did I take so long to explore beyond "Be Be Your Love?" Thank you for writing fucking awesome and amazing…
“@ShannonElizab: So happy that tomorrow's the last day that Mercury's in retrograde for a bit. None of my electronics have been happy… YES!x
Winter is so long that I feel like I'm living in the game of thrones..
“@GaryMcClellan: @rachaelyamagata Powered by unicorns” YES
Listening to a chainsaw in the woods makes me want a chainsaw for my woods. One w sparkles.
“@Julia_Hamdan: You sat down next to me like poetry to wine. @rachaelyamagata” xoxox
Mar 12, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at HongDae Yes24 Muvhall... http://t.co/Y4eDw815Ks
U know when u fall off a porch and twist ur ankle, but then it screws up ur knee and u hobble and wonder if u can ever wear heels again?
“@NeilMyers1: @rachaelyamagata My boys and I are listening to your music while building legos :) Thanks for the beautiful vibe” heart melt!
“@globalbeauteh: @rachaelyamagata when are you heading back to Singapore? I would love to shoot with you again. :)”me too!! Soon soon! Xoxx
“@JNFletcha: @rachaelyamagata Rachael, when can we have a new album from you? Enquiring minds want to know....” writing for it now sweets!xo
RT @ial: Enjoy your week ahead. "Generosity is its own form of power."
“@CadenaNeo: #Playing On Air @rachaelyamagata - Play Out on http://t.co/FVTf01QK0x #Music #Radio” xoxox
@madidiaz when r u coming to visit?? Missing ur face.
RT @madidiaz: @rachaelyamagata get rid of a person #obviouslytheguitaristhemostimportantpart
Wondering how to space save with guitar case overload....
“@GuyAdami: @rachaelyamagata Great to meet you last night @CityWineryNYC - any friend of John Alagia's is a friend of mine!” YOU TOO!!! Xo
Side of road. Flat tire. Mercury retrograde can go #^*!? Itself.
Thank u @CityWineryNYC and all from last night! We had too much fun. Much love to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Xoxoxo
RT @kathlanpher: SO excited to be going with the divine @luxlotus to hear fab @rachaelyamagata at @CityWineryNYC tonight. Sold-out show, na…
Repaving my driveway. Dreams for spring. #donesomedamage
Doin our last rehearsal before tomorrow night. Excited bout this rad group! Xox
“@MeganKate7: @rachaelyamagata hooray! Though I totally read that wrong initially... #MindInTheGutter” hahah! Hilarious
RT @jennyowenyoungs: tonight is the (february) night: join me on @stageit @ 7pm EST for songs & girltalk & harmonica-based leaps of faith h…
@ruthfulgrace can't wait to see u girl!! Xox
Sometimes a hot water guy comes after 12 days and u want to throw a party. Having one of those mornings...
Rehearsal night. Shamalama making fajitas.
My car repair guy says if I keep driving my car based on the issues I described it might 'ignite'. #appttomorrow #tryingnottocatchfire
@mcsniper99 hope I get to hear u play some music this coming trip to Seoul!!! My fav rapper!!! Xoxox
RT @EmiMeyer: 서울 3 Shows in Seoul! March 12-15. Supporting @Rachaelyamagata… http://t.co/XlQR1Gl6ck
@jimmyfallon awesome. #FallonTonight
RT @BIG_HASS: Have a moment for yourself
“@saklanmayansobe: WHEN WILL YOU COME TO TURKEY HA ŞEKER KIS?? @rachaelyamagata” someday I hope!! I'd love to.. Xo
@terryheu hiya! Just Korea this time for the Asia tour. March 14th and 15th at yonsei univ. http://t.co/rNZ2r0Ona5. :)
@softkid_ checked out ur work. I love it. Keeping tabs for later ;). Xox
2 hrs snow shoveling and my quota is filled for the day. #boring #eastcoastlife #tryingtomakeitzen
Such a treat seeing @SteveEarle tonight. Beautiful show of kick ass inspiration and music.
“@jennyowenyoungs: @jordanbrooke9 @rachaelyamagata @KatieHerzig 💃💃💃” ladies in the houuuussee!! Xox
@KatieHerzig watching ur you tubes of new record and waking sleep vid. In awe of ur studio brilliance and artistry. http://t.co/NSNhDZXcuY
Day O' LOVE. Celebrate today lovelies! Single or not, fed up or hopeful - love comes in all forms. Believe. Trust. Express urself (Madonna;)
RT @BlamBangBoom: NOT-FOR-LOVERS special this v-day >> @rachaelyamagata brings beautiful sounds to lull your heartache. #soundtrackyourlife…
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxoxxxoxoxxoxox
123 snow disappear! 1..2..3.. Winter be GONE! 1.......22222....3.......freezing STOP!! Damn. Nuthin.
RT @RyanArnoldRocks: .@rachaelyamagata recorded at @Schubas is on @93XRT Live From The Archives at 8.30p. http://t.co/4WZuLukHtI
@JNFletcha ;). Xox
RT @jrdannmitchell: "Throw yourself in the midst of danger, but keep one eye open at night." Falling in love @rachaelyamagata style this Va…
Still no hot water. Day 6. Soon I'll be hunting and gathering...
My vacuum cleaner died. It's true, plaster dust really will kill it. Or maybe it was the leaves from the plants I killed.
Chocolate and steak?? Something is happening in the kitchen tonight.. (don't worry, I'm not cooking)...
RT @SharkWeek: #SharkWeek is already feeling the love. #ValentinesDay http://t.co/5ea65rZov7
Korean Fans I'm coming to you in March!! 14 and 15th Yonsei Univ Seoul. Can't wait!http://t.co/tprapCxlZ6
Sunday afternooooon
Saturday night. Friends. Pizza. Classic.
RT @ruthfulgrace: With @rachaelyamagata last night was filled with laughter, tears and Valentine's Day fears. xo http://t.co/2FpbQQRZ5A
Über super fun last night. Gracias to all who came out to @CityWineryNYC xoxo. See u in 2 wks! Xo
@LNeenYo tell her happy birthday morning after for me!! Xoxo
@CityWineryNYC sound check. Folks here are sure sweeties!
“@MeganKate7: ok'd it w my cats & thought I'd ask b4 they change their minds. Will you be my Valentine? yes, but can ur cats be their date?
RT @joshruben: Why. http://t.co/sOTkxJBJdS
Dear hot water heater, why do u stop working? Don't make me get the sledgehammer. We can work this out. If u would just...work.
RT @ariannahuff: http://t.co/zcvDbOmqla
Trying to figure out the electrical outlet needs of heated gloves... #inventingthingsinmyhead
RT @Feferang: My intentions and desires are supported by the universe. Be clear of intentions. Trust the outcome. Practice present moment a…
“@kevinfox1991: @rachaelyamagata can i get a bday shout out please :D a fan :D” happy bbbbbbiirrrtthhddaayy to uuuuu!! Yeah baby! ;)
“@SKRhodes27: Just discovered @rachaelyamagata via spotify! I'm in love. #goodmusic” loving u back xox
“@metsfan4eva: Hi, looking forward to tomorrow's show! Is Zach Djanikian opening the show or is he playing with you?” opening. Come early!x
“@rickdotrick: @rachaelyamagata Red wine - stat!” hahaah
Caffeinated rehearsal about to begin. Might even get me to midtempo.
RT @KevinDevineTwit: Hey #Manchester UK - <20 tickets available for tonight's show at The Soup Kitchen. Grab yrs via http://t.co/nc5CPFJdpX
Dan fogelberg.
@JoshRadnor I think we should write a song.
RT @pauldanieledgar: I've always been partial to @JoshRadnor, but this article only affirms my fandom. Anyone who can read needs to click: …
“@owenbiddle: @rachaelyamagata cobras, anacondas... Enrique Iglesias?”just laughed out loud. So loud...
I wanna throw a party w mimosas and samoas ... And anything else that has an 'as' in it.
Pretty friggin hooked on @ingridmusic new single Girls Chase Boys. Video is hilarious. Woke up hummin the tune.
“@ashmow: i am loosing my mind. if i have to look at one more piece of yellow lined paper i am going to cry.” bring paper/ I'll bring match
Finally. I'm writing again. My well of repression must have filled...
@dbmanifesto ur tweet bio just made my night. Xox
We've all got our buttons and sometimes they get pushed hard. Love thru it. Don't have to love 'it', but we try to love thruuuuuu it.
“@glenniewongwong: @rachaelyamagata Changi airport misses you. Singapore misses you. I miss you and your music at the Esplanade.” me too! Xo
Oh airports.
RT @LateCambrian: http://t.co/sIMl71axLf last day to vote! @Eaches @londonbrolly @KatLovingLondon @GodzillaSays @rachaelyamagata http://t.c
Well it never rains in southern californiaaaaa... Song running thru my head as I read about 10 inches of snow expected in ny.
“@Big_Daddy2345: @rachaelyamagata shoulda done the halftime show”. Hahhahha! I think they like upbeat..howevs, I'd love a dance routine..xo
RT @PhizLair: PSH was an actor whose performances were indelible and incandescent with vitality. Singular voice & communicating eyes..
RT @MarthaPlimpton: Addiction is real. It is a real & vicious disease. It rips beauty from the world. Please, if you suffer, ask for help. …
spread love. think high and light. ommmmm
@AdrienReju shama.
I understand all the fuss about hiking now. I'll never silently make fun of it in my head again. #realsportykickedmyass
@kaciewilliams miss u girl! Xox
One week from today @CityWineryNYC fri feb 7th!! 8pm date night. Come join! Xoxo
@Ana_Buske @elizabeth5713 happy birthday!!! Have a great one! Xox
My name is rachael. I should not be allowed to use a kitchen. If you see me approaching a cooking appliance, stop me. Use all means of force
“@shhsecretmints: @rachaelyamagata are you doing a show in PHX? 🙏” no show yet - some fam time. horseback riding? Whoaa nelly.. Xox
Phoenix few days. Sitting outside is heaven. Is this what winter is like out here? Loverlyyyyy
“@kathlanpher: @rachaelyamagata @CityWineryNYC I am so going to hear you at @CityWineryNYC Hooray!” SCHWEET!!! Xox
Rehearsal again today for @CityWineryNYC Fridays of love feb 7th and 21st!! Join us. There will be kissing. Of something. Someday. Soon.
Squirrels eat the bird seed, deer snubbed the cabbage. Put out some apples today. Practicing boring hermit tweets.
RT @KevinDevineTwit: Pete Seeger was an incorruptible life force that elevated us through speaking truth to power, working tirelessly, & pr…
Put a yoga mat, sledgehammer and mini saw in my car today. Peaceful destruction.
@mariocries xoxooxxooxxox
@carawodnicki wear a heart preserver... Xoxo
Nothing like watching live performances to inspire! Will take Monday on with new chutzpah. Will start saying 'chutzpah'.
“@LinBrehmer: It's official. I've given up. #sweatpantsatwork #polarvortex” cozy. I'm gonna bedazzle some for u. Xo
RT @Saasin_Films: @rachaelyamagata please retweet https://t.co/OEFThCcuJG
@JimBiancotweets I will never be able to watch another Grammys without ur tweets. Seriously - tears down face
@kpattengale roooooccckkksssttttaaarrrr
Settling in to watch the grammys! Rootin for @SaraBareilles and @MilkCartonKids go go go!!!
@euphonicmasters the chocolate record was sooooo rad!!! U r awesome
RT @MusicGeekSvcs: @rachaelyamagata So far u r in good company in my @beatsmusic @Sonos: Dave Grohl, John Stirratt/Pat Sansone, and you. ht…
@MusicGeekSvcs u r cracking me up this morning
@ElysiaMcMahan loved talking w u!!! Xox
Spanx are kinda like primer...#thinkingwardrobewhilepaintingcabinets #deepthoughts
“@XMarksTheSpot44: @LaquiaNicole @rachaelyamagata I'll find a way!”kisses to u both! Xoxo
Feb 21, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at City Winery Nyc... http://t.co/nzi1Yq8ou9
Feb 07, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at City Winery Nyc... http://t.co/feBFtj68Bl
“@leahbobeah94: @rachaelyamagata Rachael! Love your jams! Just thought I would share :) http://t.co/LGSt1jmk4M omg super cute!!Schweetness
Anyone else have air supply in their head right now?
Frozen. Somedays I wish I lived in California. Or had better gloves.
RT @BIG_HASS: Let it be
“@MaeseBourbon: Hi @rachaelYamagata Just bought a cd of yours, digital copy, can I get an autograph on that? Thanks a lot.” totally. Air sig
“@OnKATEsSide: @rachaelyamagata You need to make us a visit in Portugal! Waiting for you ;) HUGE kiss ;*)” huge kiss back girl!! Xox
“@MeganKate7: @rachaelyamagata I'm planning a trip to see friends in NY. Hoping to coincide with a show. 1000 mile trip. #truefan” u rock xo
RT @dmbuffer: I'm going to @rachaelyamagata at City Winery in New York, NY - Feb 21 http://t.co/hv8IK0yjdG
“@erolbautista: @rachaelyamagata 's Snakewood Sessions are beyond words. #Eargasm #Pain” u r a doll. Thank u xoxo
@KevinDevineTwit was thinking of u too - visions of starting some band together. Totally weird. Must research some south america flights! X
Didn't know I was capable of ruining soba noodles.
My cat coughed up a fur ball on my head...of my own hair. #thingsthatmystifyme #mustbefriday
RT @Chernobyl: .@ERomanoff & @rachaelyamagata recently held a special concert for @Chernobyl! Take a look! https://t.co/83t2nDmdrD
Rehearsal today for @CityWineryNYC shows on feb 7th and 21st! First show duo/ second as full band - upright this time Whoo hoo!
@MauiTimeMachine I wanna visit!! Xoxo
Life is magic. Love is magic. It goes on....
RT @AdrienReju: Excited to play some shows w/ @rachaelyamagata in Feb & w/ @amoslee in Apr! Check out the Tour schedule for details. http:/…
RT @7bitarcade: In the first ‘Cullens Weekly Slice’, @JohnnyCullen talks about his love for @rachaelyamagata. http://t.co/iqrcuJXvZw
RT @joshruben: I directed this short, dark comedy starring @HenryLovesYou, featuring an original score by @rachaelyamagata! http://t.co/nql
RT @samreich: If Google Was a Guy: http://t.co/iW3pzaKIee
“@Agusmoraco: Here at the Argentinian Patagonia listening to @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/knSkPUhnrV making me smile... Xoxo r
@RegsCoffeeHouse happy anniversary!!! Xox
“@TheDuncanSheik: @rachaelyamagata I'm up! Chill!” miss u!
It's Monday fun day. Cheers to all the early risers... Xoxox
@CityWineryNYC feb 7th and 21st. Will be a welcome relief after home renovations. Throw things at me if I talk about tiling too much.
Day 7 no hot water. Day 16 no kitchen sink. Grateful for heat though and will never take a hot shower for granted again. #pretendimcamping
It's Saturday night and I've just hung a shelf.
Dug out car. Went to dump. Polyurethaning cabinets. Learning some Paul Simon for city winery ny shows. Emails calling. #fulldaybeforenoon
“@bigtalljake: #tbt first time I saw @sondrelerche and @rachaelyamagata. The Quest's Ascot Room. 2003. http://t.co/IvUcoiRrVq so young! Xo
Rick kze!! Always listening when u playing. Thanks for the stick around. Xoxx
One pine needle at a timmmmmmeeee
Merry merry happy happy to everyone!!! Big kisses and hugs and love xoxoxo
Who says a gal can't take down a corner kitchen cabinet by herself at six in the morning?
RT @MelkePR: If your soul needs nourishment get a ticket to @rachaelyamagata performing at NYCWinery Feb 7 or Feb 21 see details: http://t.…
snow. classical music. coffee. who am i...i should bake a loaf of bread or something...
@BIG_HASS I still owe u a promo!!! Haven't forgotten - just crazy here. Will do will do!!! Xoxoxoxo
@RyanArnoldRocks @linbrehmer satin tube tops it is!!! Gracias for the spins! Xox
@RyanArnoldRocks @LinBrehmer. Damn! Early bird club? Shall I make tshirts? Xoxox
Up early for writing hours. Is there anyone in my bio time day clock of body that I can talk to about switching this schedule?
“@agold119: Buying @rachaelyamagata tickets even when I'm studying abroad 3, 000+ miles from NY: My Autobiography” love u!! Xox
Today I attempt lentil soup after botched meatball sludge experiment of yesternight. #daytwolearningtocookgotacrockpot
Winter wonderlandy around here.
Still don't understand why u have to salt the water...#learningtocook
Two shows for love month in February! @CityWineryNYC The 7th and 21st - both Friday nights! Come join me. Love. Anti love. Date or not. Xox
Morning early birds. Let's do this!
RT @somevelvetblog: power to the people. RIP nelson mandela http://t.co/3xkymvR0jL
@BartekFetysz boo! (from yamagata ghost) xoxo
Tues recording w medeski, weds fighting squirrels, thurs spreadsheets and a new addiction to Friday night lights...
today i return to the world of the plugged in and getting up to speed and returning to details and holy yimminie am i behind...#newhomemove
Radio silence due to massive unpacking home reno/painting no Internet no sleep covered in boxes do it.
@Kubalski xoxoxox.
RT @Kubalski: Recap: @ChicagoIdeas music panel feat. @MikePosner @Rachaelyamagata @eromanoff & more: http://t.co/tit1q0ty6y #CIW #chicago #…
@chicagoideas so much fun!!! Seriously happy after watching all the amazing speakers. Inspiraaaattion!! Xoxox
@LinBrehmer excited to see u!
RT @LinBrehmer: In the gentle afterglow of her triumphant return to Chicago @rachaelyamagata will talk music biz tonight @chicagoideas
Thank U sweet chicago @CityWineryCHI everyone for fab night! Happy sleep now from all great catch up w friends. Much love to all! Xoxo
@LonesomeQueen hearing u girl. Hang tough. Sending kisses! Xoxo
@silverchild76 happt bday girl!!! Xoxo
@CityWineryCHI thank u for the beautiful warmth and hospitality tonight. Can't wait to play here tomorrow. What a gorgeous room!! Xoxo
RT @MusicGeekSvcs: Evolution of the Artist http://t.co/sV1jLnWdxl < CHI gets 2 nights of @rachaelyamagata & @ERomanoff. Music 1 night & kn…
Airport morning. Coming to you Chicago! @chicagoideas on thurs!!
Ricki lee jones tonight. Soooooo excited. Gush gush.
Rehearsing for Chicago next week. @CityWineryCHI sold out Whoo hoo. Love it. Can't to wait to see everybody!
had nap crazy dream. kevin costner was in it. and... so was my dad.
I can officially say that today I'm 'moody'.
@2010mikester44 hope ur having an awesome day! ;)
treating tuesday like a monday. until tonight's saturday afternoon.
Wkend remembering my sweet sweet grandpa. Strong, wise, gentle and my favorite front row guest to shows even at 96... He is loved and missed
Jet to the lag.....
“@SashaHouseDub: Thanks ever so much! Already playing in the shop & all customers love your music! http://t.co/9ibhG3fOxQ BEST BORSCHT!! Xo